lake and forest
wood pile
wood planks
These are the 3 keys to our success.

Vast Inventory Level
We carry a large relevant inventory of products such as rough wood lumber, dry wood lumber, superior wood, specialized wood, panels, pallets and much more.

Quality of Products and Services
We guarantee quality in our products by providing recommendations, price quotations, expert selection, and grading advice, all while understanding the need to meet technical and aesthetic requirements.

Sitka supports sustainable forestry management and efficient business practices that reflect our commitment to the well-being for generations to come.

Why Choose Wood?

Not only is wood sustainable and natural, it is an attractive product that exhibits the excellent properties of durability, acoustic performance, and fire performance.

Wood has been used to create some of the most stunning, iconic buildings and structures of our time.  With such numerous design benefits, wood serves as an appearance product that is exemplary of astonishing beauty.